10 Tips for Starting a Special Education Law Practice


My particular journey to focusing my practice entirely on IDEA work is fairly unusual, in that I am a second generation special education attorney.  I recognize, however, that most people are not in that situation; further, I worry that there are so many children with special needs whose parents are desperate for help, but who are unable to access quality legal representation.  In addition, I am concerned whenever I read bad cases which go against parents where I can tell that the parent’s attorney did not have any background or experience in this field of law.  All of these things have pushed me to want to help other interested, intelligent attorneys to get into parent-side special education law, and to make sure they do it right!

Tip 1:  Be Sure You’re Doing it For the Right Reasons

Tip 2:  Join Parent Attorney Organizations

Tip 3:  Go To Disability Focused Conferences

Tip 4:  Talk to Other Parent Attorneys and Advocates

Tip 5:  Find Parent Networking Groups

Tip 6: Read Cases on Attorneys’ Fees Reimbursement

Tip 7:  Hire Good Staff

Tip 8:  Don’t Pretend You’re Something You’re Not

Tip 9:  Read Disability-Specific Books and Websites

Tip 10:  Learn Social Media and Blogging