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Mass Exiting

Published on October 11, 2009 by Jennifer Laviano

buy microsoft office 2013 registration key Once a student has been identified as being eligible for special education and related services under the IDEA, they remain so until and unless they 1) graduate from high school, 2) “age out” of eligibility, or 3) are determined to be no longer eligible.  This last scenario is commonly […]

The Special Education Blame Game

Published on September 24, 2009 by Jennifer Laviano

It’s unfortunate, but true:  when parents of children with disabilities begin to seriously question the appropriateness of the special education program being provided to their child, the school district will often start to play “the blame game.” The Special Education Blame Game is when educators attempt to assign responsibility for a student’s lack of success […]

Don’t Call Me “Mom”!

Published on September 15, 2009 by Jennifer Laviano

A friend of mine who is a special education advocate, and who also happens to be the mother of a teenager with a disability, brought to my attention a few years ago that she finds it offensive when school district staff refer to her, and other mothers, as “mom.”  As an example, during an IEP […]

Fish Rots from the Head Down

Published on September 3, 2009 by Jennifer Laviano

how to make penis longer Well, school has started just about everywhere, and I have spent the last few weeks in a mad-dash scramble of IEP meetings, Mediation and other events trying to finalize programs for several of my clients.  It’s always a stressful time for me, and even more so for parents of children […]

I’m Not Buying It

Published on August 30, 2009 by Jennifer Laviano

When I talk to parents whose children are in middle or high school who have not yet been identified for special education services, most of the time they will tell me that they have had concerns for years.  Many times, there are also teachers or other educators in the school district who have shared similar […]

Reinventing the Wheel

Published on August 16, 2009 by Jennifer Laviano

write my paper I have to confess, I thoroughly enjoy watching infomercials.  I just love how they can take a basic, every-day task which is generally not that problematic, and hyperbolize the scenario so much that it becomes, to me anyway, incredibly funny.  You know the ones:  A woman tries to put on a blanket […]

Missed Opportunities

Published on August 13, 2009 by Jennifer Laviano

how to enlarge penile length naturally Recently, I attended an IEP Team Meeting that was, well, dare I say it?  Lovely.  I mean it.  About a year ago, the parents had hired me to represent their son, because they just could not convince their school district that their child was really, truly struggling.  He is […]

NO, You Don’t Have to Pay the School’s Attorneys’ Fees If You Lose!

Published on August 9, 2009 by Jennifer Laviano

Congress last “reauthorized” the IDEA in 2004.  As occurred the time before that (1997) there were a number of changes lobbied for by both school and parent organizations.  One of the changes to the 2004 IDEA which has been a serious concern of mine since it was passed was the provision related to attorney’s fees […]

Ruffled Feathers

Published on August 4, 2009 by Jennifer Laviano

I’ve had one of those weeks where my outspoken nature and strong views on what is happening (or not happening) in special education in general, and disability rights law in particular, have ruffled a few feathers.  I’ve gotten comments both on and off of my blog that suggest that I am overly opinionated; a prospective […]

The Sudden Blossoming of the Represented Child

Published on July 31, 2009 by Jennifer Laviano

When parents of children with disabilities have reached the point that they have called me, they are incredibly frustrated and overwhelmed with their school district.  Yes, sometimes they are angry, but far more often than that, they are worried, upset, and fearful about their child’s future.  In addition, they are often conflicted about whether to […]