Jennifer Laviano is much more than a highly skilled special education attorney; she is a tireless advocate for children whose voices must be heard. If you want your lawless school district to take your case seriously then retain Jen Laviano.
M &M, Trumbull, CT

We are one of Jen Laviano’s first clients, with one of the most difficult cases in the state of Connecticut involving our child with severe autism.  Our son, J., would never have received the appropriate programming to make him an independent person in society without Jen’s ongoing help.  Over the last 12 plus years, Jen has continually given us her expert advice with all the different needs in childhood, adolescence and adulthood.  When we are asked to suggest someone to help with the legal needs regarding a child with disabilities, we always recommend Jen.  Mr. and Mrs. S., Fairfield, CT

Jen represented our son in our case against the Westport School District with professionalism, intelligence, and compassion.  She gave him the voice he lacks to protect his rights and fight indifference.  M. and V.

We had a really good relationship with our Planning & Placement Team of providers for our son.  That was, until he was in 5th grade.  We had one bad PPT, which led to another, which led to a horrendous transition PPT – the school system seemed to have stripped him of almost all of his services, including the two major functions in his life – ABA and speech therapy.  Our advocate, with our permission, informed the school district at that PPT that we were going to file due process – and then we were formally introduced to Attorney Jennifer Laviano (‘Jen’).

Days later, at our initial consultation with Jen, we knew unmistakeably that we had made the correct decision.  She listened to our story and agreed that filing for due process was the only way to go.  She was honest and up front with us – informing us that this was going to be a very hard journey, but one that both she and we felt was absolutely necessary.

Fortunately for us, when we went to mediation, with Jen at our side, our school district apparently had a “change of heart” – and agreed with most of what we were fighting for.  Jen was able to get all of his services reinstated, while also securing services for him for the next few years.

We know now, as we did then, that hiring Jen was the best thing we could have ever done for our son.  He is in middle school, going through all of the transitional (and puberty) years, and every day he comes home with a smile – all because he is in an appropriate setting doing appropriate work – with a truly great teacher and a wonderful support system.  And we know we owe it all to Jen!
Mr. and Mrs. W., Middletown, CT

Attorney Jennifer Laviano has the natural ability to speak to parents about their children’s educational rights in a manner that is understood by all.  Her experience speaks for itself and she was very accessible which was important to us.  I have recommended Jennifer to families in the past and will continue to do so in the future.  She understands our kids and their needs.  Mr. and Mrs. C., Ridgefield, CT

I am a parent of a fifteen-year-old autistic boy.  My son has been taught in a private school setting since the age of four.  I first met Jen Laviano when my son was six years old.  Jen had been recommended to me and had been described to as a person who really knew the special needs laws and was very well versed in the needs of an autistic person.   Not only did that perfectly describe Jen but also our family found her to be kind, compassionate and very supportive of our needs.  She truly became a great advocate for our son and true friend to our family.  Jen helped us through the procedure of a due process with our district with great knowledge, professionalism and dedication.  The expertise that Jen has in special needs helped us win our case.  Her professionalism, knowledge and confidence during all of the proceedings truly gained us the placement that we needed for our son.  Also, for our family, it was a great help to talk to a person who understood the needs that our son has.  Her knowledge and compassion of the extra care that is required for our autistic son gave us great comfort.  Jen Laviano has been a tremendous help to our son’s educational plan and we are confident that with her help we will be able to secure any needs throughout his life.  We are forever grateful for all her help.
Susan Gardner, Madison, CT

Without Jen Laviano to guide and fight for Thomas he would never have been able to obtain the education and assistance that the Gow School could offer. Unfortunately we must fight the legal battle to obtain for our children, who are learning different, their rights to a proper education with all the extras they need to function.  M.C., Bridgeport, CT