Unseemly IEP Team Members

rote karte

I often represent parents at IEP Team Meetings.  Having attended literally hundreds over the years, in dozens and dozens of school districts, I am amazed at how there are certain personality types which keep appearing, in different clothes and under different names, in so many school districts.  Now, keep in mind, I am brought in when there is a dispute serious enough that the parents have hired a special education attorney.  Often, these characters are part of the problem.

Before sending the hate mail, please understand that I realize that this does not describe the majority of the public school professionals working with kids with disabilities.  That being said, be wary of these IEP Team Members:

The Smiling Assassin

The Control Freak

The Regular Education Teacher who Doesn’t Want to Be There

The Wimp

The Lawless Renegade

The Wily Fox

The Pseudo Psychologist

The Riddler

The Cheerleader

The Liar